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About ClosetDrop

ClosetDrop is an online market-place where you can rent out your own clothing, shoes and accessories and rent from other member's wardrobes as well. ClosetDrop Australia has now launched allowing you to rent items in all Australian states. We're also just moments away from launching in the USA, UK and New Zealand! ClosetDrop allows you to upload your wardrobe making it available for other members to rent your clothes, shoes and accessories. We're creating a community which encourages #fashionforafraction allowing greater accessibility to fashion in a cost effective manner. Why buy when you can rent?

We’re two fashion-loving friends based in Perth, on the West coast of Australia, one of the most isolated (but prettiest) places in the world. Our idea of the business developed from the recent growth in popularity of renting dresses and gowns from rental boutiques popping up around Australia. We noticed that the range available and especially sizing was very limited so we decide to build an online platform where everyone can rent clothing, shoes and accessories from each other.

This is the only online platform that allows you to directly rent to and rent from other members. Unlike other websites where you are renting from a store which has a limited selection of items and sizing. ClosetDrop offers a number of different membership levels including our FREE account, which will allow you to upload one of your items to make available for other members to rent for absolutely no cost.

We designed ClosetDrop for Fashionistas, Retailers, Rental Boutiques, Fashion Designers and most importantly, ClosetDrop was designed especially for you and your friends. We really believe that the sharing economy is the way of the future and we think that our rental platform can bring together fashion-loving communities around the world in a way that is easily accessible and cost effective.

Our aim is to be the Uber or Airbnb of fashion. We're merging fashion technology and the sharing economy to be known worldwide as the 'go to' place where you can rent all your fashion needs.






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